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Hole Fourteen
    Par 4, Yards 499
    Par 4, Yards 447
    Par 4, Yards 429
    Par 5, Yards 435

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Hole Description

"Back on the high plateau, the great house is now visible again off to your left, and deer will be grazing both left and right. Another great hole, this par 4 was chosen by Peter Allis as his favourite 14th hole in England. The hurricane of 1987 destroyed over 50 percent of the oaks, beeches and chestnuts in the park including some very old oak trees, which surrounded the 14th green. The stumps are still there today. The length of the hole is intimidating for a par 4, but a well struck drive down the left will bound along with the wind behind, leaving a long second down and round to the right towards a large green which sits in a bowl. Mind the out of bounds all the way down the right hand side, and the well-positioned bunker cut in to the left of the green."