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Hole Nine
    Par 5, Yards 534
    Par 5, Yards 503
    Par 5, Yards 472
    Par 4, Yards 354

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Hole Description

"One of the finest holes on the course, this par 5 takes you out to the far end of the estate and closes the front nine. Abercromby used the legendary designer James Braid to help him lay out the course, and between them they've used the natural contours of the land to great effect. The drive from an elevated tee needs to be long and accurate to carry the bracken and find the fairway, which slopes to the right, and towards two large and well-used bunkers. Hawthorns, beeches and oaks frame the fairway left and right, and with the wind against, only the very longest hitters can reach the green in two. So the prudent play is to lay up in front of the wide fairway cross bunker a hundred yards from the green and play a short iron in. But beware, the green is deceptively long and slopes uphill, so there's a three club difference from front to back."