Knole Park Golf Club


Denver Anderson

Owner & Roaster

I was paid to drive around, drink coffee and talk to people about coffee! That was when I knew I had found my calling...

I had always enjoyed a cup of coffee, 2 sugars and milk please, but that all evolved when I discovered specialty coffee. So, whilst my occupation was travelling about drinking coffee and training others to make coffee, my preoccupation became searching out tasty and unique coffees at specialty cafés and roasteries. And then drinking and talking about coffee.

On my search, the idea of roasting my own coffee started to take root until I found myself holding a pan over a flame stirring 200g of green beans. The start of an obsession. With time my knowledge, skills and equipment started to grow and improve until my friends were asking to buy my coffee and the feedback was positive. Time also allowed for the size of our family to grow. Corban Coffee was then born to graft my passion for coffee with my full-time family responsibilities. So, with a little help from our friends and a very excited family, the dream was nurtured and started to grow...

Today the quest hasn’t changed much, we are still searching for tasty and unique coffees. Only now we get to roast them to the best of our ability and then help others to craft them into something delicious.

And whenever possible, we still like to drink and talk about coffee. 

"We have endeavoured to lay out an interesting 18 holes, some quite remarkably so and we think we have succeeded."

J. F. Abercromby, Course Architect
Seal Hollow Road, Sevenoaks , Kent, TN15 0HJ | T: 01732 452150 | F: 01732 463159 | E:

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